What's next on the list...

The Bagsy Booth is our stock pile, we will work our way through these and they will go up for sale as Designer pieces. However this is the place to grab yourself a bargain, let us know if you’d like us to work on a specific piece for your home, in your style. Working with you to achieve a unique piece of furniture made just for you.

George V Partner Desk

Sorry folks, this desk has been bagsied and will shortly be undergoing restoration.

This desk is stamped G.R.V and was previously a Solicitors desk and it has also been a piece of furniture at Siemens Brothers & Co Limited. Can’t wait to get stuck into restoring this one, we think its transformation will been stunning.

1930’s Louis XV style sofa 

This would make a great statement piece. We can style this piece to suit your home. Let us know if you’d like this to be yours and our next project.

1920’s Display Cabinet 

This is your chance to Bagsy a little gem, it definitely needs some love and attention. Keep it as a display cabinet or let’s go wild and make something completely new. Let us know if you’d like this to be yours and make it our next project.

1920’s Art Deco Reclining Chair

This is one of our favourites in the Bagsy booth. Still in really good condition, it will be amazing to bring this little beauty back to life with vibrant colours. Let us know if you’d like this to be designed to your tastes. 

Mule Chest

This mule chest has definitley seen better days. We have some great ideas for this piece. Let us know if you’d like this to be our next project.

1950’s Kitchenette

Everyone loves these. This one is in need os some repair to the base and back and will clean up really well. Fancy getting together with us for a redesign? Get in touch and lets work together on our next project.

Biedemeier Settee

This is a gorgeous piece and we can’t wait to get started on this as it lends itself perfectly for a stylish design. It needs attention to its right arm and some general repair however it will make a fantastic statement piece. Let us know if you’d like this to be our next project.

Parker Knoll- Model No. 973/4 -993/4

This chair is pure heaven to sit on. It needs some love and attention to get it ship shape for use, we are really looking forward to this little adventure too. If you would like this in your home then please get in touch.

Heavily Carved Campaign Chairs

These to us are one of those great finds and it wasn’t long before one of our customers spotted them and bagsied them for herself, so sorry guys these are no longer available.  After consultation we sympathetically restored these two beauties and upholstered them in a fabric of her choice which was a lush teal designer velvet.